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by Casa Juan @, Sunday, October 18, 2020, 21:33 (709 days ago) @ Talley Ho

I have only been back in Zihua for 7 days and live in a hillside colonia(Las Mesas) so my experiences with level of virus protections practiced in Zihua will vary from others. My comments are based only on what I personally observed and may not be statistically accurate.

In the Las Mesas Colonia mask wearing appears to be optional even for those on combis, rare to see someone walking wearing a mask.

Mexican Tourists to me appear to be the large group to stand out publicly in not wearing masks, this is based on what I observed on Sat 10/17 at the bus turnaround near the end of Benito Juarez, at the Eco Market near the museum, and today 10/18 at the far end of La Ropa where the tour buses park. I went to Rossy's late in the afternoon around 5 pm and I was one of a few wearing a mask.

Maybe I just observed a bad weekend?

Earlier on Saturday 10/17, at the central market, I would guess mask wearing is at the 75% for staff, customers not so much. Many people with double chins like me seem to be sporting wearing a mask so it holds up their double chin, but leaving their nose fully exposed

I am sure most higher end tourist destinations will have staff that are fully masked/protected and one can select their cab drivers to suit their needs. In my humble and unscientific opinion, it would not take much to get the bus tour operators on board with requiring passengers wear masks when they exit and enter onto a bus. For many, once the mask is on, they will maybe just leave it on.

Trying to stay positive.

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