by midalake @, Monday, October 19, 2020, 08:38 (39 days ago) @ Rigamarta

His response has been to give the virus childish names...the "China virus" or "Kung flu"....and to repeat, ad nauseam, that he "stopped all flights from China", which, of course, is another lie. Somewhere in the order of 40,000 people flew into the US from China AFTER he says he stopped all the flights. Assuming 250 people per flight, that's 160 planeloads of people coming in from China....after he'd "stopped all flights."

Based on your own accounting, sounds to me like you agree that people coming from China were bringing the virus, the China virus. He did in fact stop the flights from China. The 40,000 people from China you claim that came in after he stopped the flights, came in via other countries flights, subverting his attempt to stop infected people (with the China virus)from China entering the US. Interesting how some people want to twist details to create their own perceived facts.

AMAZING how some simpletons think. This will explain it for you Rigamarta. So what stopped someone from China flying to Japan then to the states??? How about flying from China to Taiwan to the US?

Trump’s `strong wall’ to block COVID-19 from China had holes

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