Honest opinion, please. Difficult decision...

by Roberto!, Monday, October 19, 2020, 18:18 (661 days ago) @ Talley Ho

After much deliberation we, unfortunately, won’t be visiting Zihuatanejo this fall. We’ve been fortunate that in the past 23 consecutive years we’ve had the opportunity to spend quality time in our favorite vacationing spot.

Alas, not this year for a multitude of reasons attributed to the pandemic. Because of our ages, it puts us right in the crosshairs of the virus. Other considerations which weighed in our decision were the ongoing changes and misgivings regarding the method of virus transmission, confusing masking/no mask uncertainties by a variety of spokespersons, airline schedule changes, shifting border restrictions/regulations (especially when returning to Canada) and whether safety protocols can be or are enforced throughout our journey to, during and return from Zihuatanejo.

It was heartening to read some folks flew with Alaska on # 224 out of LAX and we were impressed with the safety protocols reported in place. However, Alaska wasn’t going to be our carrier this year and schedule changes to our flights required additional waiting times which added to our risk of exposure. The prospect of having to wear a N95 mask for portions of nearly 16 hours during our flight and transiting time until we reached our destination in Zihuatanejo was more than we wanted to deal with too.

We look forward to visiting Zihuatanejo in the future. In the meantime, reading about the adventures from those who are and will be visiting Zihuatanejo will have to substitute for our not being there and we look forward to reading their positive reports.

Thanks and best wishes to ZihuaRob for his constant updates and to the many posters on the message board who have supplied us with a considerable amount of information.

Nos vemos el año que viene!


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