Honest opinion, please.

by blazian @, San Diego, Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 05:49 (369 days ago) @ Padrino

I always take the Volaris flight from Tijuana to Zihua direct. Tickets are really cheap, as low as $150 r/t bare bones no check in bag. I fly with rods and reels and an Inflatable Sup so cost a little mnore for sports equipment. Flight is leaves at 3:15 am, so the airport at that time is not so bad. You do bunch up a little at aduana/customs but people are following the sana distancia/ social distancing. They also check your temperature at security. You are correct about people getting a little close during boarding but everyone is wearing masks, You could always board last like I do, so I can be lazy and not stand in line and avoid squsihing together. Once on board, capacity was prolly 70%. I seemed like they spaced people out unless they were same family or group. I personally had the row to myself. Deboarding was easy, luggage always a shitshow but just be patient and stand back. Since its a domestic flight, no immigration or customs, just pick up luggage and walk out the door! Hope this helps anyone concerned about flying or mexico in general. Also, can someone tell me how to posts pics? thanks Salud!!!!

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