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by blazian @, San Diego, Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 06:20 (369 days ago)

I've been down here since the 11th, first stayed at Casa de Don Pepes in Barra de Potosi. La Barra opened up about a month ago, the water was so high from one night of rain its washed it open quite a bit. Nayitos and another 3-4 enramadas have lost all of their beachfront and even some concrete foundation. Just sandbags everywhere!
Fishing Potosi with its limited fishing fleet was good. I fish only with Sergio, el cajero and family member of Nayitos. great captain with good knowledge of the area. We were targeting Pez Vela/sailfish, started of at Los Morros and trolled Valentin for a while. Didn't find the sailfish but ended up with mixed bag of Bonitos, black tuna, tiger fish and dorados. I then moved up to Zihua and fished for a couple more days, did a lot more inshore fishing. We did a lot of sight fishing, looking for schools of fish that were jumping. Found huge schools of Barrilletes and had a blast with crew just casting off the bow and hooking them one after another. Best fish was the yellowfin tuna I landed, I hooked it right off the big rock at the front of the bay! Captain was Antonio on the panga Michelle [image]

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