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by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego, California USA, Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 11:20 (369 days ago) @ blazian

Thank you so much, Blazian! I am very familiar with the flight you described and have used it many times. Have you heard of the v.pass program? It started about 1 1/2 years ago, I think. I joined up last October and first used it in November. You pay $600 pesos per month automatically. You then get one round-trip ticket to anywhere Volaris flies in Mexico for the price of the taxes and airport fees. It is such a sweet deal! I used it every month starting in November until February of 2020. I already had my ticket for Zihua for the last week in March. The week before I was to leave was when the border was closed to "non-essential" travel. I was seriously considering simply sneaking across the border into TJ to go anyway. However, I was both worried about the virus and very importantly, losing my SENTRI pass when I returned as the U.S. border agents could clearly see that I had gone for recreational travel and I did not want to lie about when I left as it would have been after the border restrictions were imposed. (Note: Never lie to the border agents. They can make your life miserable!) Since then, Volaris has been hitting me up for $600 pesos each month and I have been afraid to go, now mostly because of the virus. However, I am seriously contemplating a November trip to Zihua.

A few notes about the v.pass program. You must use a Mexican bank account. I am lucky to have gotten a BBVA (nee Bancomer) account many years ago. I do not have one of the Mexican resident visas yet. (It was on the list of things to do when the virus hit. I gotta' get on it as I have an address now in Rosarito to use.) My understanding is that it is much harder to get a Mexican bank account now without one of the two different types of Mexican resident visas. Pooh. Also, the round-trip ticket is only point-to-point. No connection flights are included.

For those who can take advantage of this program, it is a really sweet deal. I flew to Puerto Vallarta twice, once for around $65 and other time for $70. I flew to Zihua twice, once for $57 and the other for $67. (Not sure why the airport fees and taxes bounce up and down. The difference in prices can't be just because of the dollar-peso fluctuations at the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020.)

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Ah, I guess you should reduce the size of your photo before you post it, huh? Anywho, this is my favorite photo of Zihua as it is the view from my favorite room at my favorite hotel at my favorite beach in my favorite beach city of Mexico. There I was, in paradise, working on my bi-annual professional development credits for my insurance licenses. Could not think of a better place!

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