New day, new fish!

by blazian @, San Diego, Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 18:50 (43 days ago)

Went out for my daily walk to the corner store at the Muelle for my morning torta and was able to catch this photo of the sunrise. I'm not a good photo guy, the sunrise was way better than the pic.

Then later in the afternoon went out fishing for 2 hours and caught my very 1st needlefish. Very happy put another one on the list.

Weather has been good here, rained bit yesterday late afternoon but thunder and lightning for a while. One was loud enough to shake our windows here on La Madera.
This trip I have stopped using A/C just fans which seems to be so much better. Before all I wanted to do was get back into A/C, now I can actually enjoy walking the whole Paseo without dying. heheheh

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