Flights and Covid - Oh My

by Altona Stu @, Altona, Manitoba, Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 22:47 (39 days ago) @ cd69

A couple issues with these so called studies. First off, it is basically the airlines doing studies on themselves and their numbers have been called extremely unreliable by most doctors/scientists reliable organization like the CDC, WHO, Health Canada and the likes. Another study was the one done by the US army but the methods of that study are questioned again by most organizations. But ther eis so much more than t makes these studies highly laughable. First off, the number of cases reported on these studies is a joke. Just in the city where I live, we have had more airline reported cases than all these studies are reporting. They are hiding the numbers stating that it cannot be proven the virus was contracted onboard so therefore it did not happen. If they had kept the middle row unoccupied like when some airlines here did on the restart and do all the promised maintenance of their air filtration system, they may have a point as most travel related cases are likely happening in airports and going through customs/security but now that they are trying to pack the planes again, we have zero social distancing so even with masks, the likelihood of catching covid19 is high. I work for the transportation industry for the record and we are fighting to resume full service but there are huge issues and the industry has to be more honest.

I, too live in Manitoba and I hear the information mentioning covid cases on commercial flights. It's been my impression that this is to inform people that if they have been on the mentioned flight they may have been in the presence of someone with covid 19. I don't think the information is that the case was contracted on the airplane.

Are you saying each of these announcements are of a case contracted on the mentioned flight?

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