Flights and Covid - Oh My

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, October 22, 2020, 08:55 (41 days ago) @ cd69

I can't comment on your case load in the US but I would doubt your airlines issues are different than ours and our health government agencies and our top epidemiologists have clearly stated this study and the ones from the airlines are not to be trusted. One issue just from what you posted is that there is a big difference when your plane load has 2100+ pax and a smaller one just 40. Just plain odds you will carry more infected people as you increase the odds. Deny as much as you want but here we have the case loads and the airlines are not looking pretty. Now I will not say this is all on them as there are serious issues in the airports but not having space on the planes to socially distance puts you at a greater risk. That is the opinion of our scientists and doctors. If you feel you are safer on US planes/airports, please fly away and good luck...

This is a WORLDWIDE pandemia, not a Canadian one. Worldwide the airlines use the same type of air filtration systems. I also posted an article on this several weeks ago, but all I got was chastised for being cavalier and condescending. Well, excuse me Chicken Little, but there is a point where hysterics enters your equation and like now you deny the reports that don't coincide with your errant argument. If you are afraid to fly that's one thing, but you shouldn't be trying to pass on false arguments as facts, amigo.

Meanwhile, Mexico's president and his administration's public servants continue flying commercial class wherever they go. Not one has contracted Covid-19 from flying because they observe the established health safety protocols even though social distancing isn't always possible in the aircraft.

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