Flights and Covid - Oh My

by jay @, Thursday, October 22, 2020, 13:49 (41 days ago) @ midalake

AGAIN, who fly's on a 777-767??????????? The lack of cubic air space and the same amount of bodies on a smaller plane WILL make a difference. BY DESIGN flying is an incorrect thing to do by CDC guidelines. PERIOD!

Lots of people fly on 767s and 777s every day, though usually not to Mexico. I think that's what you meant so point taken. But I am puzzled as to why you think ventilation/filtration systems in smaller commercial jets are less adequate than in larger planes. Wouldn't you think manufacturers, not to mention the FAA and the CDC, would insist on a uniform standard in all their products? Especially in the midst of a pandemic?

Note that I haven't encouraged or discouraged anyone from flying. Nor does the study. It only reports the numbers and calculates the risks. That means that would-be travelers can have a somewhat more informed opinion. I would think that's all you can ask.

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