Extra Pesos in my Pocket (while at the Beach)

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, October 22, 2020, 17:50 (367 days ago) @ Ironwood

So hotels on La Ropa like Bungalows Vepao and Casa Gloria aren’t allowed to put chairs under their beach palapa? Where are their guest supposed to sit on the beach?

You can use a petate and a towel like I used to when I was still a beach person.

This gets more confusing by the day.
Google Translate says "petate" is "duffle bag"....so, a beachbag. In Zihua's blistering sun, no umbrella effectively means no sitting on the beach for more than a few minutes.
We can live with that, since we patronize Paty's, La Cantinita, La Perla, Rossy, lunch at Embarc, El Pirata, etc. Under normal circumstances, one can sit for hours at any of these establishments....and we do.....either eating or drinking at their tables, or using their lounge chairs and umbrellas, usually both.
I get that personal umbrellas and beach chairs are apparently prohibited on La Ropa. But if the usual restaurant-owned lounge chairs and umbrellas have been removed, that in itself would be reason enough for us to wait 'til next year.

You're kidding, right? Google translate? :snicker:

I'm pretty sure this info is already somewhere here in my website. But maybe you've heard of a little town called Petatlán? We used to be part of their municipio and they were the largest town in the region. In Nahuatl "tlán" means "place" and "petate" is a woven mat made of dried reeds. Petatlán was the place for petates long before Europeans ever set foot here. You see them used as floormats and wall coverings here. Not that long ago many of Zihuatanejo's residents and visitors used petates under their beach towels or blankets. You can roll them up and carry them easily.

Need shade? Find a tree!

Look ma! No chairs or umbrellas!

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