Flown with a dog?

by BL @, Friday, October 23, 2020, 14:14 (34 days ago) @ Casa Juan

Flew with a dog on 5 flights 10/8 thru 10/10. Entered Mexico in Guadalajara where vet papers were checked right near baggage and i was handed a form from the Mex government clearing my dog for travel. Dog was never actually checked. The form was again checked in Mexico City though the dog was never physically checked. The dog was not checked on arrival in Zihua. It is still important to have the vet verification the rabies are current and the dog has been dewormed within the last 6 months.

My prior experience( before AK Air put airbuses on LAX ZIH route) was that the dog is checked in Zihua by a federal employee and the data is entered into the gov't database. In the past, they have removed the dog fr0m the kennel and then sprayed some unknown substance in the kennel. Thankfully this did not happen this trip.

I had to follow both the AK Air and then the Aeromexico requirements, the only real difference is Aeromexico wants the vet certification within 5 days of travel.

Thanks so much! This is super helpful. So you flew Alaska and Aeromexico this time?

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