More positive news for tourism in Mexico and elsewhere

by Little Guy, Friday, October 23, 2020, 23:58 (333 days ago) @ cd69

I wish I could believe your information. I really do. But here’s what I’m reading.

A new pilot project for Canada has been launched at the Calgary International Airport that will drop the mandatory quarantine in lieu of Rapid COVID-19 testing.

Timelines on when the program will begin have yet to be announced, but sources tell the Sun it’s expected to be first implemented in one hub airport — either Toronto Pearson or Calgary — before being rolled out to the rest of the country.

When this program may be expanded to Toronto isn’t known,

From my reading of it:

This is a trial run in Calgary.

There is not a specific plan for it at other Canadian airports.

It may be rolled out to other airports.

I want to convinced there is a plan for this to be in place in the near future at other Canadian airports. Help me to believe.

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