by Sunlight Dancer, Sunday, October 25, 2020, 02:37 (332 days ago) @ Rigamarta

Let me see, exorbitant tax structure, on the brink of bankruptcy, record number of state and local politician jailed on federal charges, inner city crime and murder rate rate one of the highest in the nation. Gee, for the sake of continuity, why can't the other 49 state be just like Illinois?

Unfortunately for you, there's always going to be a smart-ass like me who checks sweeping claims like the above.

Chicago comes in 16th for US cities with the highest per capita murder rate.


Illinois comes in 9th for highest tax structure s.

Illinois doesn't even crack the top five states with the most convicted public officials. The top ten winners are:
# convicted
Florida 824
New York 704
Texas 565
Pennsylvania 555
California. 547
Ohio. 547
Illinois 502
New Jersey. 418
D.C. 380
Louisiana 332

Source: Washington Post

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