Fishing report plus

by midalake @, Sunday, October 25, 2020, 16:42 (34 days ago) @ Craig AKA the cruise ship guy

Went fishing today with Ramon Oleaje whom I have been fishing with for close to 20 years. Took the wife again so it was a late start as always with her, professional sleeper. Probably headed out around 7:30 with our taxi driver, wife and son so there was 7 on the panga with Ramon’s son, somebody has to do the work. Went for big game but trolled out to the grounds and only caught 1 bonita before we switched the baits out for big game. Found a large weed line but no dorados so kept going. Wife and taxi driver started to feel the ocean so I asked Ramon to turn back. Went by the weed line again and doubled up on dorados, it was fun to watch a 40 year old man try to real one in that has no clue what to do but got the job done. Lost a couple more bits and bit off by a shark then went in. Wife was done and I usually come in early anyways, now we have a good fish dinner to look forward to.

We got in yesterday, Fresno to Phoenix then Zihua and on time. Had 4 large suitcases with a bunch of school supplies. Got pulled aside as usual but I always have receipts. After about 10 minutes of back and fourth the let me go. Our taxi driver that we have been friends with for about 4 years picked us up in a SUV which was really nice for us. Staying at the Azul Grand as always which is more crowded than I expected. Found my favorite meal of enchiladas verde at Viva Mexico last night along with shrimp for the wife. Mask wearing is better here than back home but there still are groups of locals at the pier without masks. My taxi drivers sister is a teacher so that is where I’m giving the school supplies to and his church will give out there reader glasses that we brought. Completely understand why Lupita quit giving out the donations as it was a very smart move on her part but I’m sure that it was very difficult for her to stop.

Some busy areas in town but a lot of dead areas. Very concerned for the locals as most of their business appears to be gone. Room service is here so time for lunch. I will try to report back in a few days.

Keep fishin! Stay safe!

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