More positive news for tourism in Mexico and elsewhere

by Mexalberta @, Sunday, October 25, 2020, 18:12 (364 days ago) @ el vagabundo

This will help 1-3 week vacationers and Mexico too! Air Canada the same and I am sure other airlines from Canada.

We’re excited to announce that the Canadian and Alberta governments are launching a new rapid COVID-19 testing pilot program. Effective November 2, Albertans and eligible travellers on non-stop flights returning from international destinations to Calgary International Airport may only be required to quarantine at home for as little as 2 days.

This means that getaway you’ve been craving is possible. And since Calgary is our home, we have more flights to sunny destinations than any other airline in Alberta. Discover all of the places you can escape to this winter.

Find out more about Alberta’s new COVID-19 rapid test pilot program and reduced-day home quarantine.

Two flights arrived with Covid on October 17 in Calgary
One from Puerto Vallarta and the other from Cancun prior to the implementation of the program.
Nov 2 should be interesting.

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