Amar y ApreZIHar La Vida

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, October 26, 2020, 08:00 (37 days ago) @ Casa Juan

Agreed mask wearing by tourists at the south end of La Ropa near Rossy's was definitely optional on Sunday(yesterday) at 5 pm. Far less than 50%. The tourist cop at the end of the taxi/combi turnaround had one under his chin with full mouth and nose exposed.

Don't know if there is anyway to impact the upcoming Day of the Dead festivities but it does not look favorable to this less than informed seasonal resident for Guerrero to make it back to green. Hoping I am wrong.

The bus and day-tripper tourists who don't wear masks don't directly affect Guerrero's designation as far as the Semáforo goes. They go back to their own communities with their infection and that's where it's counted. The variable is how many people they infect while they're here, and as long as the Oxxo store workers and panga operators and the people they walk past on their way to and from their bus or vehicle practice the three basic health protocols, then here we should be good.

Few of the visitors who stay in Ixtapa waterfront lodgings stray far from their all-inclusive hotels, so if a hotel has a breakout of the virus it should have to increase their restrictions and alert local authorities. Unfortunately they are so secretive they would never alert the community and would likely fire any worker who did. The local government's health department should be monitoring them, but I doubt they are.

The biggest risk comes from visitors who rent, dine out, shop in local stores, and visit different beaches. The most mobile visitors can infect a lot of people if they bring the virus with them, and that's where local health safety protocols come into play. The better we practice them, the sooner we get back to green regardless of the condition of our visitors. That's basically my take. That's why I am encouraged by all the local workers wearing masks and the local businesses that practice health safety protocols. And it's also why I sound the alarm when I see foreigners walking around downtown without facemasks.

Día de Muertos in Zihuatanejo is supposed to be a local family affair, not a tourist attraction. Of course many bars cash in on Halloween celebrated by foreigners and some folks from some of the inland cities. And unfortunately the local government is sponsoring events that will also pose a risk to public health. I don't plan on attending any, and I encourage everyone else to do likewise this year.

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