Mid-trip update

by Craig AKA the cruise ship guy @, Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 08:13 (29 days ago)

Been at the Azul Grand for 4 nights now. The employees here do a good job of masking and keeping things clean. It’s kinda the same here as it is in the US. There are some that are just above the rules. We are on the top floor and the rule is 3 per elevator. We’re just glad if they are wearing a mask when they get on, don’t believe that the wife is going to do 14 flights of stairs to avoid this. BYesterday I needed to go to the front desk but it was shut down and the lady cleaning the area told me to go to the lobby bar. The bar was rearranged to have 2 desks for check in. My guess is that an employee was positive at the front desk so they shut down and cleaned, was back open later that evening. The sad thing is that one lady at the temp desk checking in had her mask around her chin and the employee said nothing. Same thing at the pier when I went fishing the other day, some groups of guys were all without masks.

The buffet here has servers that make the plate for you. The issue is that everyone waiting in line has no clue of what social distancing is. Now when we go into either town for meals the protocols are followed very well along with the food being so much better. This is the 5th October in a row we have stayed at the Grand and we have never seen all 3 pools this full at the same time. Only went to the pool once an it was a little tough keeping distance but we seemed to manage. The last 2 days after breakfast we walked down to the Playa Linda entrance and then jumped on the cyclopista to walk over to Ixtapa. For this we do not wear masks but have them handy in case there is a crowd. It seems like it is hotter than last year as when we make it to the OXXO for a cold drink, AC has never felt better. My phone measures the walk at 6.7 miles or 11 kilometers and my wife said we are taking the day off. I’m hoping to get her to walk over to Playa Linda today for a mini walk, can’t just sit around and eat.

Right now I finally have the wife talked into not staying at a big AI next year. I showed her some pictures of BVG and she liked it and when I mentioned that you could hire a cook, she got really excited. I would prefer to stay in Zihuatanejo like we used to but just someplace with less people would be an improvement. Tired of families that come here and just release their children to start their vacation. Aren’t they supposed to be home schooling their kids right now?

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