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From yesterday's Mexico News Daily:

Both President López Obrador and Deputy Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell ruled out any possibility that the federal government will enforce the use of face masks, on top of which the latter described their effectiveness in stopping the spread of the coronavirus as “overstated.”
“We’ve recommended and we continue to recommend the use of face masks … but we’re not going to exercise a coercive action that leads to people not wearing face masks being sanctioned with fines or being arrested,” López-Gatell told President López Obrador’s Tuesday press conference.
The coronavirus point man asserted that the value of face masks is “overstated” in the “public narrative,” saying that “scientific evidence shows that they are an auxiliary instrument” in the fight against the spread of the virus.
“They complement other measures – this is the technical stance of the World Health Organization, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, of authorities in Europe and also of the government of Mexico,” López-Gatell said.
He said that face masks don’t provide significant protection to those wearing them, explaining that their value is that they can stop infected people spreading the virus to others.
“The face masks that several of you are wearing,” López-Gatell told reporters, “are helping you not to infect someone else in the case that you are sick but we have to be very aware they don’t help us as a protective barrier at an individual level.”

Might this explain why so many tourists, among others, are not following the protocol?

This is not new. The federal government cannot be in the localities. That is a job for municipal governments. Dr. López-Gatell does not want increased interactions among people that would only result in more contagions. But the Mexico Daily News uses this type of article to smear López Obrador. Since February of this year Mexico's authorities including the president and Dr. López-Gatell have called on people to usar cubrebocas, mantener la sana distancia y quedarse en casa. This has been the unwavering message from the beginning. That laypeople don't understand technicalities is a separate issue. Wearing a facemask is a sign of respect for others.

Tourists are just lost in their own world. They are, after all, on vacation both mentally and physically.

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