La Ropa in the new reality?

by Yoder, Sunday, November 08, 2020, 16:29 (27 days ago)

So, I've been following the discussions on the covid responses in downtown Zihuatanejo,and surrounding areas, and it sounds encouraging. We live in Montana, and by the sounds of it cases there are lower than here.....people are just not taking it seriously, even though we have one of the highest per capita rates in the country now.
We have been coming down there for 12 years, and of course love it. We are planning on staying at Vepao and The Catalina this year, and my question is this. What are the restrictions on La Ropa beach, as far as chairs being allowed to be setup, restaurants being open (Patty's, Rossy's, Manglar) and are there occupancy restrictions at the hotels? I know there are a number of you that live on La Ropa and would have knowledge of what's going on.
We're hoping, but trying to decide whether we will still follow our heart's tug and come down to paradise in the middle of the pandemic. Thanks for your help.

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