Offshore fishing report – the day of the marlin

by DPinZihuatanejo @, Monday, November 09, 2020, 10:40 (24 days ago)

I was fishing again yesterday with my Compadre, Captain Vidal, on the Burbuja. We spent the first several hours trolling at a higher speed than normal with lures only searching for the giant tree from the day before which had provided such great action. We did pick up one smaller Dorado, But we were unable to locate the magic tree again. With wind and current it was probably somewhere off the coast of Acapulco by now. So we switched over to a standard trolling speed with a mixture of bait and lures. About 10 AM we hooked up with a big blue marlin and the fight was on. After an hour and a half, he finally surfaced and took about a half dozen big leaps to put on a show for us, rolled line in his tail and then drove back down deep. Fortunately, he did not manage to break the line with his tail, and after a fight of an hour and 50 minutes we had 400-425lb Marlin on board. Later in the day we got another bigger Dorado on one of my smaller casting rods which was a lot of fun. Overall another great day on the water.

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