Saved a turtle!

by Ironwood @, Monday, November 09, 2020, 16:37 (22 days ago) @ mindpilot

Wife & I walking down he beach saw a baby turtle high in the sand, dry and not moving. I picked it up, expecting it to be dead, but one flipper lightly pushed against my finger, and it opened its mouth a little. Moved it to the wet sand and and in a few minutes it recovered and started motivating toward the surf. It got tossed around a bit, but after a few tries looks like the little guy made it safely out to sea!:kingtut:

If I've told this story before......but the same thing happened to me a few years ago, on La Ropa. My little baby turtle was so tired, he couldn't get back through the breaking surf, so I took him way out beyond the breakers and let him go. He paddled a few yards, only to be snatched by a cruising frigate bird. Nature can be cruel.

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