Traveling health coverage [again]

by Amiga de Montreal @, Saturday, November 14, 2020, 15:42 (21 days ago) @ midalake

Just received that from Carol Romain (Por los ninos de Zihuatanejo):

Great news! At long last, SkyMed is offering COVID protection and transportation home for people who test positive and are in serious condition due to COVID. You are receiving this email because you are either a SkyMed member and travel to Mexico, and/or are in Mexico and may be interested in our coverage.

The difference between our new ANNUAL SkyMed Transportation Plan and other insurance plans is that we don't care what State Department Level you're located in. Most of Mexico is now Level 3,4 and I'm not aware of any plan outside of SkyMed that covers Levels 3,4.

You need to be a SkyMed member, and you need to complete additional documentation and pay for this extra SkyMed protection. The extra COVID provision does not automatically cover you if you're currently a SkyMed member.

Price: (US$)
Under 75 Years: $150.00 Individual
$250.00 Family
75 Years +: $$300.00 Individual
$500.00 Family

Please let me know if this protection and/or a SkyMed membership is of interest to you.

Best wishes, and stay safe!

Pamela Bendall

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