Requiem for a Republic?

by jay @, Sunday, November 15, 2020, 21:21 (343 days ago) @ Bill Fun

I just wonder what the NY Times is going to do now that Trump is all but gone. They have spent the last four years blasting anything he does for what seems like the first four pages. Then they publish four or so editorial a day that basically said the same thing repeatedly about him. However, anything progressive gets a pass.

Portland's 100 days of looting, vandalism, violence's, arson, etc, hardly gets mention. In my opinion - they lost any semblance of balance coverage.

Actually, considering the overwhelming incidents of dishonesty and high crimes and misdemeanors, the NY Times went easy on Trump. After all, for a couple years they tried hard to avoid calling out his lies, referring to them merely as 'false statements'.

And while there were many incidents of vandalism and violence in Portland there were virtually no incidents of arson or looting, much less etc. Maybe elsewhere but not much in Portland. And much of that violence was committed and provoked by overaggressive police, particularly Trump's federal storm troopers who illegally descended on the city for a couple weeks. But I guess that doesn't fit the conservative narrative.

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