Requiem for a Republic?

by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego, California USA, Monday, November 16, 2020, 11:00 (306 days ago) @ Bill Fun

Dear Bill Fun,

It appears that you believe that the New York Times is heavily biased against the right. As evidence, you point to their coverage of the Portland protests and violence. Can you give specific instances of this bias? Here is a search on the New York Times website for Portland violence:

As you review the articles, remember to separate the news articles from the opinion and editorial pieces. It is a given that we are all human and that no news organization is totally unbiased. Reputable news organizations separate their news departments and their opinion and editorial departments. As you review these articles, I hope you find that the New York Times did a fairly good job of reporting the news, echoing the sentiments from many on this forum. The vast majority of protests were peaceful. Some agitators on the left and the right, including those from the Federal police forces sent by the President, sowed chaos, confusion,and violence.

With regard to their editorial and opinion pieces, one particular piece stands out. It is written by the Police Chief of Portland. In it, he decries the violence but also acknowledges that the underlying messages and petitions of the protesters need to be addressed. Alas, there was one opinion piece I remember reading during the protests that I can not find now. In it, the author (Bret Stephens? I don't recall.) was taking the left to task for not calling out the hypocrisy of supporting the Covid-19 induced prohibition of gatherings but staying relatively silent during the mass protests. This was my personal pet peeve with the left during the protests. Normally, I would have been out there on the streets with my "All Lives Matter Only When Black Lives Matter, Too" sign but the threat of contracting or spreading Covid-19 kept me at home.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank (Prefiero Paco cuando estoy en Zihuatanejo)

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