Where is the enforcement

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 23:33 (14 days ago) @ victorio

Zihua has all these idealistic rules, but they are useless with no enforcement. Mandatory masks, who cares if nobody enforces it. The supposed pedestrian walkways in centro are full of motorcycles and cars. What is the point of having these "rules" if there is no enforcement? Fine a few people or the drivers.
End of rant.

Nov. 17 2020

@Victorio---> Surprised nobody "chimed in" yet on this.
The evidence is what you mention...."with no enforcement"....here in Z, that applies to just about anything you can think of that SHOULD be enforced, such as rules, ordinances, Environmental Norms, most laws, but obviously aren't.

As the saying goes: "la Autoridad brilla por su ausencia":vivamexico:

Though I did see a few operativos recently in the area of Plaza Kioto, and on Benito Juarez by López Impresores, with police checking motorcyles and some drivers. They did issue traffic citations, and even made a motorscooter with three passengers, inlcuding a 5 y.o, get off and walk away with her Mom, who was one of the 3 passengers.

A morning talk show host that via W.App & phone calls, takes denuncias from locals, frequently mentions la falta de gobernabilidad. He also believes as you suggested: Start imposing multas, and that should jolt people into compliance.
It's a story with no end in sight.

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