Where is the enforcement

by jay @, Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 02:43 (15 days ago) @ victorio

What is the point of having these "rules" if there is no enforcement?

Often the point is to make a moral statement about anti-social behavior that irritates community standards. And moral statements do have some value. Some behaviors, though, like spitting on the sidewalk or walking your dog on the beach, are minor enough that any legal sanctions might be too harsh, or even counterproductive.

Other regulations might be on the books to allow officials leeway to enforce or not as they choose. Like here in the states where having a burned out license plate light is illegal in most places. Minor enough, especially since reflective plates have been universal for many years and have made such lights irrelevant. But these regulations remain principally to allow cops to legally stop someone when they don't have any other legitimate reason. I've been stopped twice for that flimsy excuse, different cars and ten years apart. And ultimately both were solely because I was profiled.

Or a lack of enforcement may indicate that there just aren't enough resources or will to enforce regulations, even relatively major violations.

Or it may indicate a power structure that simply loves throwing its weight around.

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