The PCR covid test in clinica mediciel

by Evita, Tuesday, January 05, 2021, 21:32 (10 days ago) @ catlover

6000 pesos? Ouch! Sounds like someone sees an opportunity to exploit you.

Yes, I know, it's very expensive. But the negative covid PCR test is mandatory for canadians for them to board the plane, and mediciel is the only clinic who provides it in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo for now. It seems that the clinic has to send the swabs to Morelia for testing, that may explain the higher price. But one way or another, all clinic charge a lot for these tests.

Here are a compilation of information about testing in Ixtapa and Zihua, from a trip adviser forum thread:
"1. "Only the General Hospital and IMSS hospital are receiving and treating covid19 patients. If you suspect you may have covid you must see a physician first for initial examination and medication and be presenting symptoms before getting the free covid19 test at the centro de Salud Embalse or General Hospital. This information comes from the assistant director of the General, Dr Immanuel Morales."

2. Laboratorio Solano offers the blood test for antibodies at a price that seems to vary between 2000-5000 pesos. As well, it was learned that Nucleo De Diagnostico Del Pacifico next to Pollo Feliz offers the nasal swab test, but they do not have the machine to process that test here in Zihua, so the swab is sent off to Morelia and results are available in 3-5 days. The cost is 4500 pesos.

3. Clinica Mediciel (one of our private hospitals) offers the blood test for antibodies for 2000 pesos as well as the nasal swab test for active virus at the price of 4000 pesos with results for either test within 30 minutes. The the nasal swab for active virus is the "covid quick test". It is not a machine for diagnosis; it is a swab and then some sort of "litmus" type test that looks similar to a pregnancy test and is supposedly 97.1% accurate."

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