Extending TIP after receiving Temporary Resident VISA

by Jenn @, Thursday, January 07, 2021, 14:11 (8 days ago)


I have read the previous posts on this subject but I don't see any resolutions so I thought I would ask.

I just received my Temporary Resident Visa in Zihua. I was told by Banjercito when I got my TIP to go to the local SAT office to get an extension on my TIP once I received my Temporary Resident Visa. THE SAT office in Zihua is closed so went to Aduana at airport. Like a previous poster I was told to drive the car back to the border. Has anyone gone to Aduana at Lazaro Cardenas? Has anyone gone to a different location and had success? I only have until Jan 14. I got delayed getting my Temporary Resident Visa due to the office being closed from Dec 23 to Jan 4. Anyone that has successfully done this please help.

I do understand that the TIP is still valid but I don't want to lose my deposit. Thanks so much!

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