La Ropa Beach and acceptable practices

by Keytime @, Thursday, January 07, 2021, 15:47 (15 days ago)

There was a thread back in November on La Ropa Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, rental chairs, beach hotel services. I would like to ask for an update. We have a condo on LaRopa but it is not on the beach but above the beach. Our grandkids are finally old enough to play in the surf,(La Ropa only due to small waves), and we want to be with them but not out in the sun the entire time. We would like to take to the beach a low rise sun shade to tuck ourselves under. Are Sunshades allowed on the beach at this time? And if not, do the hotels on the north end allow none guests to rent their chairs and palapas?

We normally access the beach via access at Pattys or the new easement next to the Thompson.

We have used La Perlas chairs and Palapas in the past and that works well, We will go over to Las Gatas but that will not be a daily trek. Just exploring options at this point.

We have no plan to bring any of our own food or drink as we want to support the local beach business's.

Thanks in advance for any guidance. Dont want to get arrest by the Beach Nazi's;-)

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