Extending TIP after receiving Temporary Resident VISA

by Ironwood @, Friday, January 08, 2021, 20:50 (17 days ago) @ Geronimo

I spent about 3 months trying to do this with no success, I resigned myself to just have a copy of the law section stating that the TIP is good with the length of temporal residente. The only thing I have not tried is physically going to Mexico City office. Not going there due to pandemic...I did DHL a request with all paperwork to Mexico City, but never got a response.

We have never been asked for TIP verification for the 6 months we have been here and during our trip down here.

Although the issue is a tad different, in 2006 our car was stolen in Zihua, recovered a few days later, but totaled beyond repair, as agreed by our Mexican insurer, Qualitas. It took 7 months to finally get an insurance pay-out, but much longer to navigate the Mexican bureaucracy to obtain a cancellation of the Temporary Import Permit (TIP). After about 18 months, I was able to obtain the mailing address of the right department at Aduana in Mexico City, send them all the documents, photos, complete their forms, etc., etc.....and get an official certificate confirming the cancellation of my TIP, for the vehicle that was an insurance write-off 18 months earlier.

(During that 18 month delay, we tried to enter Mexico with another vehicle, but were initially denied entry because: "Señor, you still have a vehicle in Mexico." I had ALL the paperwork, photos, insurance write-off cheque, etc with me to support my contention that the original vehicle no longer existed, but to no avail: they insisted we could only deal with Aduana in Mexico City. Fortunately, since our vehicles are always registered in both my and my wife's name, we simply applied for a TIP for the "new" vehicle under my wife's name. The alternative would have been a 3000 mile trip back home. Ah, Mexico!)

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