Extending TIP after receiving Temporary Resident VISA

by frostbite ⌂ @, Hamilton MT, Saturday, January 09, 2021, 10:40 (6 days ago) @ Ironwood

When we first built Casa Amarilla, our partners brought down an old Jeep station wagon. Although we hooked it up to a trickle charger and put that preservative into the gas tank, when we came back down in 6 months or so, it would give us all kinds of problems. Word got around that we were planning on driving it back to California and this Mexican gentleman showed up and offered to buy it. I told him that it was not legally possible to transfer a foreign registered vehicle to a Mexican citizen. He said: "Don't worry about it, I can fix it." I got the money, he got the key and we never heard a word. If we want to go somewhere, we hire a local. No worries about crappy parking and crazy drivers, we can enjoy the view enroute and a local gets some money.

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