La Ropa Beach and acceptable practices

by victorio, Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 00:23 (12 days ago) @ catlover

Get serious Rob. Your anti American rhetoric causes the loss of more tourists. I personally do not know of one person who used to come to Zihua that no longer because of the dog rules. However I do know of several who no longer come because of your comments in addition to some who still come but avoid your wife's shop. In thirty some years of coming there I can count on one hand the number of times people brought dogs. What dumb statement.

Hola. I think you should get serious. Before our dog passed away we would bring him to La Ropa every week day. He loved laying in the surf and letting the waves wash over him. After the ban on dogs we would still bring him, but would stay in the restaurant where he would people and dog watch. There were a lot of leashed dogs on the beach before the ban. After the ban, people would still bring their dogs to the beach before the enforcement arrived or after they left. Most restaurants loved dogs there. Maybe you were at La Perla where we will never set foot in after being screamed at for bringing our dog there. I don't think Robs anti-USA rants have any affect on tourist travel. I have never seen any cats on the beach though. I wonder if they are banned too?

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