Good For You Jack

by Justin, Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 14:03 (5 days ago) @ Jack from Baltimore

The CDC press release states that in order to board a plane for the US you need a Viral test. The CDC further defines both the PCR/LAMP and the Antigen test as Viral tests. The Antigen test or Rapid test is available in Zihua at Laboratorio Saturno Corazon and Laboratorio Clinica Integral. Results from the Rapid test are usually available in 20-30 minutes.
More information is available on the respective Lab's Facebook pages.

It's Time To Come Home

100,000's repatriated.

Every Civilized Nation in the World Restricts Travel

Every Medical Professional Recommends to Not Travel.

There wont be a pandemic in Mexico, we have amulets.

There won't be a pandemic in Mexico, it's tropical.

All that was said , people ignored it and now there are 2 Million DEAD.

Now while 99 % of the world hunkers down to stop the spread, a few feel vacation is more important than spreading disease and killing others. Some won't wear masks, others disobey every recommendation given and travel out of the country

How selfish, and then to complain about being required for a test after you risk other peoples lives.

Imagine others encouraging you to go visit another country for no other reason than they will sacrifice lives for beans and rice, and you somehow justify it with total disregard for human lives, your family, friends, neighbors and society. All so you can personally sit in the sun.

Now imagine , that person is you !

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