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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 20:35 (6 days ago) @ cd69

Sorry Rob but you are doing it again! I know you are trying to protect the economy of the area created by tourism but what Justin said is true and yes, nobody should be traveling to Mexico unless forced to/for work reasons/etc but certainly not for tourism. You may disagree as much as you want but the true health specialists dealing with the pandemic almost worldwide are saying to stay home and not fly. The only ones that seem to have an issue with this is the airlines, go figure! It is easy to attack people making such a statement on your site but as I told you before, I still believe you do a disservice to who you are stating you are wanting to help. Hopefully we have enough vaccines distributed to enough people soon so this is no longer an issue and then I will gladly fly back to Zihua and encourage all to do so. Until then, it is foolish for most to consider a flight.

You are doing it again, imposing your Canadian values on Zihuatanejo where you no longer make a living. See how that works? Apparently the only reason Justin registered with the Message Board today was to post his controversial post. Friend of yours? I recommend that you and Justin do what works for you and let others do what works for them. If I see them in the street without their facemask on I'll give them a shout.

Please don't insult people and treat them with condescension. Many of the folks who are coming here are indeed taking extreme precautions to protect themselves and others, especially your fellow Canadians. If we have no tourism until some egghead somewhere else gives the all clear, there will be no Zihuatanejo to come back to. As it is, many local businesses haven't been able to make it since closing last March. Your concern is appreciated but way ethnocentric and is better saved for Covidiots, not people acting responsibly who want to travel. The world can't stop for Covid-19 and tourist destinations can't survive without tourists.

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