Free Covid testing... really?

by Keytime @, Saturday, January 16, 2021, 13:30 (47 days ago) @ nicatnit

Not sure how someone got this into a taxi debate but it would help if you could stay focused on the subject matter so when we do a search in the future we can find relative information vs Babble.

Back to the subject. A tourist will spend on the average $150 per day per person. Some way more, some way less. If two people visit for 14 days that is $4,200 spent on hotels, meals, taxis, misc..... $4,200 into the local economy and the local government gives back to them 2 $50.00 (Est) Covid tests so they can go home happy customers and want to return. Even if they reimburse a local lab to do the work so they get paid, everyone wins.

Now should the people even visit? Lets look at History. The Spanish flu. 1918-1920. 2-3 years in length. # of immigrants into USA and Canada during the Spanish Flu was over 900,000. People were boarding ships by the thousands even during the pandemic.

So, how many people are on this site that had ancestors that got on ship at that time and came to the USA or Canada? I did. 2019 to be exact. Were they afraid? I bet they were petrified but they did it. Is it the same then as it is now? No, not even close. Now is way safer. Those that chose to stay home, great. Those that chose to live responsibly, great... You shovel snow, I will deal with sand between my toes.

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