Long and winding road

by Ironwood @, Sunday, January 17, 2021, 19:13 (42 days ago) @ StewbUK
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Hello all.
Has anyone made the drive from the US down to Zihuatanejo?
Do you have any route suggestions?

I know a lot of people travel with pets and with new restrictions by airlines concerning bringing “emotional support animals” on flights,I’m looking ahead to when we travel down with our much loved dog.


We've driven to Zihua 7 or 8 times, most often crossing at Nogales, but twice taking the ferry from Baja California to Topolobampo/Los Mochis, once from Eagle Pass, TX and another time via Brownsville/Matamoros, south to Zihua. It's usually been an adventure one way or another, but we'd do it again if they'd open the borders, particularly the Canada/US border, although we're a tad leery of traveling through the US: too many crazies down there these days. We'd feel a lot safer once we hit the Mexican border.

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