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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 14:38 (44 days ago) @ Hunter-MX

I am following up on this comment at the request of Dewey, who is likely the "old timer" you are referring to, but also just to remind everyone that rumors, especially malicious ones, are about the least helpful thing that could be happening right now.

Yes, he was exposed. He immediately quarantined himself and his lovely wife the moment they knew. He then was tested with both the antigen quick test and the PCR test. The antigen quick test came back positive. He then posted on local social media concerning his exposure and letting everyone know. While they have followed protocol as far as masking, distance, etc. he wanted to be certain everyone knew.

He has remained in quarantine since. Today, we are all relieved to learn, he received the results of the PCR test and it was negative. His wife was also tested and again, negative. The quick test has questionable accuracy, the PCR test, not so much.

My point here is accusing someone falsely of endangering the health and lives of others in a reckless fashion is not exactly the most responsible thing to do in these trying times. I will add that our "outbreak" here has been minor compared to other places but we certainly are not immune.

Yes, thank you, Wil. I just posted acknowledgement of my error elsewhere, but you beat me to it here while I was attending to other matters. I misunderstood a comment he himself made apparently in jest, and it wasn't until sifting through another hundred or so comments that I realized I had erred.

I've been hearing for days about an outbreak in Troncones, and I wish you or someone else had been more forthcoming about what was going on there so that I wouldn't have to play catch up. But thank you for posting this clarification. Lupita and I of course wish Dewey and Jill the best as always. I didn't realize you were now Dewey's spokesperson. He used to know how to post here and still has an account for whenever he decides to do so again.


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