Covid exposure level from airborne aerosols in high wind?

by FotoNut, Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 22:31 (43 days ago)

I wanted to somehow get into a body of water again while avoiding the exposure to the virus as much as possible. I enjoy "floating out in the water" which means first of all my not liking high rolling waves, so I needed a protected beach in a cove, which Zihua qualified. After watching months of beach live-cams it looked like there were plenty of areas on these beaches where there weren't many tourists, so I was convinced enough to drive here.

However after a few days on the beach and after walking significant distances to avoid the bus dump-out crowds and constantly relocating as the typical "bunching" happens when other bathers always seem to seek out others when they swim (and with my constantly moving as a reaction to that), I was hoping I could somehow totally avoid being near anyone thus experience little exposure to the virus. Yet I had not taken into account the boats motoring all the vendors who pull the para-sailors and banana boat and chair-boat riders that are tugged all over the bay while full of tourists that in the process inject their aerosols into my "upstream air supply".

So right about now I'm starting to wonder, even when I am in the water, actually how protected am I here? With the strong sea breeze, even in the water I get a strong whiff of exhaust fumes when these boats come speeding by as well as the easily detectable smell of the strong colones worn by men here. With the strong wind and even when I sit up next to the private property beach walls, I still smell the very strong smell of boat exhaust, men's colones and the smells of cigarettes from people who are in the water's edge smoking and are directly upwind from me. If their exhaled smoke is so strong in this stiff wind, isn't it the same as if I was at a bar right next to them? So the question is, even though I am in open air, how safe am I?

And while I have not as yet seen the expected share of "nasties" here, I am sure some are bound to say "well this is my home, you are a visitor and if you don't like it then leave" and to that I have to say, that may very well be the best solution but for those who came here thinking along the same lines as I did, it may very well be it is not as safe to come here as one might expect and in fact it may be that social distancing may have little effect when a strong wind is saturating one in others colones and cigarette smoke.

All I could find online regarding life of the virus in open air was here:

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