Testing will make travel safer

by Robbob @, Bonney Lake, Washington, Thursday, January 21, 2021, 12:27 (40 days ago) @ Nancy in SGF

Were you deposing Josh Hawley? SORRY...I couldn't resist!

Back on topic...we all have different thresholds of comfort when we travel. I think the Covid testing requirement just introduces more uncertainty to an already uncertain travel situation. Where to get the test? How much will the test cost? Will one be able to get the results timely? What does one do if they get a positive result? Etc. Etc. Adding this to an already "nervous" situation, for some this is a deal breaker at this time. Like alot of things in life I imagine as more information becomes available (THANKS Rob and others on here!) folks will relax a bit and be willing to travel.

My wife and I have postponed our trip to Zihua from March until November...not because of the test, but hopefully by that time we will have been fully vaccinated. I was able to receive my first jab this week...hopefully I will be able to receive my second jab in a couple weeks.

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