Covid exposure level from airborne aerosols in high wind?

by FotoNut, Thursday, January 21, 2021, 14:36 (43 days ago) @ Talley Ho

It's hard to communicate with people who post memes and moving GIF's but the jest here is how a virus may be more contagious in high wind than it is in a place of little or no wind. It was a call for ideas and more information on the subject. It was not a call for character judgements and bad-mouthing. Think in terms of philosophy. It's never too late to expand one's realm of thinking and it's only with inhibiting our natural need to pass judgement that we can gain any type of understanding of various aspects of science and life in general. Or in other words, unless you have something to add to the conversation other than about me personally, then I don't recall asking for opinions outside of actual research on the subject. My initial post with two references on research on the subject were actually calls for anyone else of similar curiosity and my wondering what their thoughts were on the subject. (Had I wanted a deep, base-less character evaluation, I would have asked someone a question on Facebook.)

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