Covid exposure level from airborne aerosols in high wind?

by FotoNut, Thursday, January 21, 2021, 18:41 (39 days ago) @ catlover

Note - for all of you curious in the future and who land here while seeking insight about this and other locations while searching social media for rave reviews on "moving to Mexico" and with that, believing how glorious it's going to be - I've told many of you before that this is what you end up with .... you buy a house or get into a tight rental contract with a big deposit and a year's rent invested and end up hopelessly trapped in a Gringo enclave like this where more than half are pretty much drunk by noon and even with the majority of sober ones, this is the mental state you are forced to deal with if you are desiring any type of social interaction ...

So you must be ready and willing to exist in a social environment somewhere between the ranks of the intoxicated challenging each other at a cruise ship shuffleboard match and a nursing home "who's stealing my chair on bingo night". Be forewarned! And that's only "senior class" from the US. Junior class Canada didn't even show up this year but they come with sometimes an even further regression.

But in all seriousness I do like to kid the Gringos don't you know. My comments of course discount the four or so fine people here who actually provided intelligent conversation. In fairness these few level headed folks who spoke up still will not be enough to bail anyone out of the doldrums once they move here and too late, discover the actual gravity of what their new social aspects consist of.

As a full-time traveler here in Mexico and Central America for going on nearly two decades, let me say to anyone who might consider moving to one of these Gringo enclaves, Chapala to Patagonia, that this is the very best you can expect. The only real solution for anyone seeking both happiness and a new rewarding life in Latin America is to learn Spanish and meld into the actual Latin community, tossing your own background and heritage to the side. Otherwise don't make the same mistake that I have and come around looking for anything other than what's been displayed here.

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