Catamaran on Playa Ropa

by FotoNut, Thursday, January 21, 2021, 20:22 (40 days ago) @ NaturalPace

I don't know either. I came to visit Owen at his place on the tip of the penensula and that was my first visit here about a decade ago and I remember at that time and many times afterward that how clean the water appeared and tasted. I don't know about the rip tides and currents but that floating knarly thing did appear along with candy wrappers and other things were in the water right in the strong down-wind path between this closely parked vesicle and the beach. Pollution may just be a part of life in our current world. I know higher up the coast raw sewer is dumped into the ocean. Expecting a clean beach anywhere in the modern world may simply be a long shot. Otherwise I was just asking opinions but that seems impossible as any query deems like a declaration of war on social media these days. But in fairness, what else is there to do ;-) Anyway thanks for the feedback, it's great to know (maybe? :-) ?) that macerates are in use.

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