Airport testing - get there super early, or do it day before

by BL @, Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 18:14 (22 days ago)

Hello everyone,
We just flew to the US earlier today. To say the testing is a mess is an understatement.

Per the lab there, today they did 60 tests, and they were overwhelmed by the number of tests. AND they tell me today they had a computer mishap that made everything even slower.

We arrived at the airport more than 2 hours before our flight was supposed to depart. There was a small line at the testing lab, and they were being as fast as they could, however the system is not set up for massive testing. They said normally results come back in 15 minutes, but to pelase give them 30 minutes since they were busy.

The tests were done at 1:20p (for a 2:50p departure time), and we got the results as they were closing our flight at 2:30p. The United rep had to come get us and once the lab told him all he tests were negative he checked us in while one of us waited for the printed results. They are supposed to send the results via email, and from our group of 4 only 2 got them (we gave the same address for everyone). We saw a similar situation happen with the Sun Country flight, there were a group of people who got the results at the last minute. Not fun, unnecessary stress.

My advise: either arrive super early, or get it the day before.

Remember: payment is only with credit card. The person ahead of us only had cash and someone paid the test for them.

Note: Sun Country had 30 passengers, and United no more than 15. I can't imagine the disaster it would have been had these flights had more passengers.

Enjoy the sun, everyone!

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