Puerto escondido or Zihuatanejo

by Ironwood @, Thursday, February 11, 2021, 13:36 (16 days ago) @ hamish

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on retiring or spending a considerable amount of time in one city versus the other as an Expat with decent Spanish? Thoughts would be appreciated.

There is a good forum for the Puerto Escondido area on tomzap.com. Choose the PE area, among the several areas Tomzap covers. I think you'll have to register to read the forum, certainly to participate on it. I know of at least two folks who purchased homes and lived in Zihua for several years, who now live in PE....one of whom was a frequent contributor to ZihuaRob's Board, and is now a frequent contributor to Tomzap's PE message board. I would provide names, but better you register for the PE board, and post your same question of Zihua vs Puerto Escondido. That should elicit some knowledgeable responses.

We spent about a month in PE 15 years ago. Quite a bit smaller than Zihua, fewer shopping/banking options. Weather is hotter than Z. Biggest beach (Zicatela) is fairly dicey for swimming, the beaches closer to town aren't "pristine" (are there any pristine beaches left...anywhere?). Fairly good size ex-pat community, a number of good restaurants. Not qualified to comment further.

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