What if you test positive?

by Fly on the Wall, Thursday, February 11, 2021, 16:04 (15 days ago) @ victorio

Last March , Trudeau advised traveling Canadians to get home ASAP . We left our condo much sooner than we had planned The message has been consistent since then ...don’t travel. . If you were reading the Can papers you could see this was coming . You traveled in spite of the warnings ,The fact that restrictions changed , as Covid infections and deaths climbed should not come as a surprise to you . Will there be more changes .....undoubtedly, especially in light of the new variations of this virus.

Am I sympathetic to your plight...no. Do I think most Canadians will sympathize with you .....another no . If you own a place in Ixtapa as I do , my recommendation would be to start planning on how you are going to cover off such items as maintenance fees, taxes, trust fees CFE etc in the future, as I don’t see traveling getting any easier for the next year or.......

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