What if you test positive?

by Robbob @, Bonney Lake, Washington, Thursday, February 11, 2021, 17:34 (24 days ago) @ albuschhoff@gmail.com

Excellent question! I have wondered about the same thing and have been hoping for some clarification. Let me restate the question to see if it is possible to get back on topic and get an on-topic answer! Although I do enjoy the off-topic verbal sparring!

If after religiously following the mask requirements in Zihua, as well as social distancing and hand sanitation, I test positive (maybe a false positive!) shortly before my scheduled departure from Zihua, what then? Are there any Mexico Federal or State government prescribed protocols one must follow?

I understand I will not be allowed on the plane...but for how long? Is there a prescribed timeframe I must quarantine or just until I receive a negative test. Also, where will I be required to stay in Zihua while I am positive...the hotel I just checked out of, a government prescribed facility, or ???. Must I stay in my hotel room and eat all of my meals there?

I know the departure test is a US or Canadian government requirement, so I suspect there is no Mexico protocol. If we test positive we are probably on our own until we can test negative.

All on topic responses greatly appreciated! ;-)

Another Rob

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