Covid Quandary

by midalake @, Thursday, February 11, 2021, 19:15 (18 days ago) @ mosesk

My (Ventura) County opened up vaccinations to over 65 a few days ago.
I was able to make an appt for late Saturday morning.
I don't know whether it will be Pfizer or Moderna.
I am scheduled to leave for Zihua the following day.
And I plan to be in Zihua for about 2 months.
Consequently I will not be back in time for the second shot.

This leads to my confusion.
I don't know whether to take the first shot- and "possibly" get the second shot in Zihua- (long shot)
Or plan to get the second shot after I return.
Or forego the first shot entirely here and hope to get both in Zihua or when I return to California.

Any thoughts, suggestions, insights?

TALK WITH YOUR physician!

But I had this conversation with someone today. I WOULD HAVE OPTED for the first shot. Some protection is better than NONE!!! You can always re-course when you return!

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