Puerto escondido or Zihuatanejo

by Ray @, Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Chicago, IL USA, Thursday, February 11, 2021, 21:17 (24 days ago) @ hamish

I've been to both Zihuatanejo and Puerto Escondido for extended stays. I have to say that I was not impressed with much about PE, except the area known as the "Adoquin", a walkable touristy area of bars, restaurants, hotels and inns, souvenir shops, grocery stores, etc. that backs up to a portion of Playa Zicatela that reminds me of Zihua's Playa Principal. The rest of PE is spread out with a small town square just off the busy main highway that runs right down the middle of the pueblo. They have several beaches but the main two seems to be Zicatela (sandy surfers beach, with high waves and rough undertow, populated mostly by foreigners and "slackers"; and, the beautiful, secluded but smallish Playa Carazallio (sic?), which requires you to walk down hundreds of steps to get there (making leaving the beach a brutal climb back up!). Still, worth the trip.

Puerto Escondido itself has all the trappings of a small town, some banks, is more spread out than Zihuatanejo, a few nice restaurants but many more casual "open air" bistros, good transportation in and around the subdivisions (and its airport is smaller than Zihuatanejo, if memory serves), is MUCH hotter than Zihuatanejo, doesn't have the breath and spread of luxury to economy accommodations like Zihuatanejo and, most importantly (at least to me), the people aren't quite as friendly as the folks I've come across in Zihuatanejo. All of this is to say that, for me, after an extended look see at both places, I chose Zihuatanejo for my extended winter vacations. YMMV.

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