Amanecer BrillantíZIHma

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, February 12, 2021, 08:41 (23 days ago) @ Keytime

Great photo as usual. If I made posters of them, my wall would be full.

To bad about a new development. Not sure what business entity would build such a thing? Just seams like the wrong type of building for that location not to mention the entire area is low rise with style and appeal (Ixtapa Excluded) Thanks for the source in which to file a concern. All my other filings with the mayors or governors office have never received a reply, I figure my next email will go to the delete folder as well.

They aren't supposed to delete mail from concerned citizens, residents or even visitors. That would be unethical under the current administration's guidelines. Even if it doesn't get brought to the attention of "responsible authorities", it gets filed. But my experience is that when they hear from enough people about a problem, it gets attended to. I keep sending them photos of Playa Manzanillo along with my own concerns, but I'm just a lone voice. Even so, my concerns have caused some local authorities to emit statements trying to sugarcoat things, if not tell outright lies. Just need everyone to keep it up.

I'm not against the development per se, although I think it's ugly and inappropriate for here, but it belongs in Ixtapa or some other beach, not on Playa Manzanillo! Imagine if they put such a monstrosity on Playa Las Gatas, then folks would "get it". But because mostly tourists visit Playa Manzanillo not many locals are even aware of the project or the devastation it will cause. They're too concerned just trying to make ends meet from day to day.

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